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Eugene Sell

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05 Apr 1949



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Mar 1976


Eugene Sell passed away 03/20/1976

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07/01/17 03:38 PM #1    

Robert (Bob) Sorensen

From Bob Sorensen July 1, 2017:

At a 50th Class Reunion work project meeting earlier this week, four of us guys were sharing memories of Gene Sell. It seemed like each of us still remember something special from our friendships with Gene. He was a good guy and we miss him. I developed a close friendship with him when he served as my campaign manager for class officer as a Freshman at Lewis and Clark. Later, we did some road trips together to Key Club events in his bright red Mercury Comet Cyclone, a sweet muscle car. We shared a love of baseball- he still played, I didn't.  

I just reread what Gene wrote in my 1967 Annual. It has some poignant wisdom. Tragically, Gene left us too young. I would give anything to have been there for him when he needed help from a friend.

"Bob, ....I feel I have had a part in your high school activities (going back to L&C). I really can't see where you can go wrong if you keep aimed like you are and know where to find 'Strength and Help' when you need it- then go set the world on fire pardner. Thank you for the influence you have had on me. See you at the ballgames. Gene Sell '67."



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