In Memory

Randy H Bellingham

Randy H Bellingham

Born - 1/27/1949

Died - 6/22/1996

*After high school joined US Army

*Received a Bachelor of Arts from UofM 1973

*Received a Juris Doctor from UofM 1976

*He was a partner in the law firm of Moulton, Bellingham, Longo and Mather P.C.

*Married - Mary Ann Burnham in Missoula in 


*Randy died in a boating accident on the Stillwater River 6/22/1996

*Randy is buried in Mountview Cemetary in Billings, MT

The information below was submitted by Kurt Baltrusch

As I read the information about Steve Tollefson I was reminded about

> another classmate who left us way too early. Randy Bellingham was an

> accomplished outdoorsman and kayaker.  However, on a leisurely

> kayaking outing with friends June 12, 1996, Randy somehow did not make it.

> Randy was just coming into his own as a successful and respected attorney.

> Getting there was not easy.  After a short stint in college, Randy

> joined the army and served in the infantry in Vietnam, where he was

> known as the "Charmed Giraffe".  He survived and came home a

> determined man, finished college and was in his last year at law

> school when he was diagnosed with cancer. Experts called it "terminal

> but they did not know Randy.  He beat that and was living life to the

> fullest when he met his end on the Stillwater River near Absarokee.

> Tragedy struck the family some years later when Randy's youngest

> sister Cherie was killed by her husband who then committed suicide. 

> Randy's mother Phyllis still lives at Aspen Meadows in Billings.

>  Had Randy not died I am sure he would have been a great asset to

> Montana and imminently successful.