Class Reunion #55

Carol, I'm so glad we could make this work for you. Thank you so much! 


Kirsten Dyba

The Windmaill and Bar51

Heads-up Classmates,

If you live in Billings or within a few hours’ drive you should be on the mailing list to receive a post card announcing a June 7, 2022, 5:00 PM Class event at Montana Club in Billings. The event celebrates the 55th Anniversary of our Class of 1967 graduation date. The post card has RSVP instructions at the bottom that may be covered by a Postal Service bar code sticker- just peel the sticker back to read details. If you didn’t get a post card and want to attend, call Mary at 406-259-5087. For clarity, Montana Club agreed to host our event under the condition that attendees order dinner, not just socialize.  Attendees can order anything off the complete Montana Club dinner menu at their own expense. Our Class treasury will cover the cost of one “2 for 1” Happy Hour drink ticket for each attendee, last call at 5:15 PM. If you know a Classmate that isn’t registered on the Class website please pass the word about our event.    



1) A few months ago Class representatives asked for feedback via the Class website if there was interest in a formal 55th Class Reunion. Only a few Classmates responded that they would consider attending. As an alternative, this scaled down “Dinner Party” at Montana Club is planned with recognition that attendees will be mostly “locals” or within a day-drive distance from Billings.      

2) The post card features a recent photo taken by Vikki Mysse of the Lyndon Pomeroy steel Bear sculpture that is now displayed in the BWHS courtyard. The sculpture was originally attached to the large brick and steel BWHS sign that was designed and erected at the street entry as a project of BWHS Key Club in 1967. The Pomeroy Bear sculpture was removed from the BWHS sign after incidents of vandalism. When recently asked by a Class representative if our Class could sponsor returning the sculpture to the sign, a BWHS spokesperson said the concern for vandalism persists and the sculpture will remain in the courtyard. Our Class is looking into adding a commemoration plaque to the sculpture.