Monday, April 06,2020

To the BWHS Class of 1967:

During this time of the pandemic virus; please be safe and be well. After it is safe to party and enjoy each others company, remember our brunch at the High Horse on Sunday, June 7 ,2020, at 1 1 :00am. Plus we have another event in the planning for August 22, 2020, at Dehler Park for an all 60's Party. We hope to hear from everyone who is ready to party. On the serious side: there are lots ofpeople in the community who need a little extra help at this time. Our class has been helping filling niches for several years; we need to reach out again. We are asking if any of you have any suggestions.

Please contact Kathy at with party RSVPs or community giving suggestions.

Thank you and take care of yourself, BWHS Class of 1967